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Welcome to Advances in Business and Financial Reporting 2nd. edition!

An Online Course by XBRL Canada

Advances in business and financial reporting are made possible through use of Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Based on the international XBRL reporting standard, SBR is steadily gaining popularity worldwide.

We are pleased to offer this three-level, one to three-hour online introduction, complete with video extracts and a visual knowledge base. Whatever your level of interest, this newly updated introductory-level course covers actual experiences gained by other countries as they implement SBR. Their goal is to make business and financial reporting more efficient, flexible, and cost effective.

Three levels of detail in this course introduce you to SBR, and provide insight into the underlying fundamentals. You will learn about the experiences of other countries, and gain an understanding of the different roles that sponsors are required to play in achieving a successful SBR implementation. You will also learn of the many pitfalls being encountered along the way. With this course you do not have to commit at the outset to a particular level. Just follow your interest as you move through the content. When you are ready to take the exam at the end, simply select the appropriate level, based on the one you have primarily followed.

Note that there is a $25.00 admin charge to cover course management costs.

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