Join XBRL Canada

Membership in XBRL Canada offers the following benefits:

  1. The opportunity to network with others involved in the XBRL community.
  2. The opportunity to have “the inside track” on current developments in XBRL.
  3. An opportunity to participate more fully in XBRL events, such as the annual conference, webinars and seminars.
  4. Ability to receive a discount where events are held with an admission charge.
  5. Direct linkages with a strong international XBRL community.
  6. Invitations to private events held periodically.
  7. Listing on our website of your company together with your logo.
  8. Timely notice of important events/trends

The Membership Dues for 2017-18 are as follows:

Organizational Membership  Dues Pay Online
Commercial organization over $100 million revenue $7,500.00
Other Commercial organizations $1,500.00
Government department or agency $1,500.00
Individual Memberships (*) Dues Pay Online
Self-employed (consultant or one-person company) $500.00
Faculty of academic institutions $250.00
Student of academic institutions $50.00

(*) (Individuals who are employed by companies with revenues over $100 million are not eligible for individual memberships).

For further information or to apply, please send an email to or