XBRL Canada is dedicated to the improvement of business and financial reporting in Canada, an objective shared by its prime sponsor, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada).

We believe that society has changed to a data oriented society, one in which data is becoming available in unprecedented forms and quantities; one where more and more detailed data is being disclosed by companies; one where data ranges from detailed data to big data.

Some of the data available is structured and some unstructured. We believe that structured data is usually more useful to investors and others. XBRL is a form of structured data that is designed specifically for business and financial reporting, is based on an internationally recognized standard, is widely used around the world. As such it offers the best alternative for the presentation of data for investors and other stakeholders and for filing of information with governments under Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Most of the G20 countries are using XBRL in one form or another. Several have adopted SBR.