Breakfast Session and Seminar - Advances in Technology for Corporate Reporting

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and the XBRL Canada held a special event on WednesdayOctober 25th - a breakfast information session to discuss the evolution of technologies such as XBRL, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and the current and potential implications on corporate reporting in Canada and internationally

Immediately following this session, we also hosted a seminar focusing on the specifics of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) XBRL requirements and how they affect Canadian foreign private issuers.

The events featured prsentations by Mike Willis of the SEC and John Turner of XBRL International. Their slides are linked here for your reference:  Until the links are established, the slides are available from ) 

         Mike Willis slides

         John Turner slides on XBRL Usage

         John Turner slides on iXBRL